Monday, June 7, 2010

Wedding Dreams

As my wedding day draws nearer (it's 12 days away for anyone who hasn't been feverishly checking the countdown like I have) I've been having more and more wedding dreams and nightmares. And of course, almost all of them revolve around the dress.

A few weeks ago I dreamed that the weekend of the wedding rolled around, and I didn't have a dress yet. So, naturally, I went to get a dress at the Goodwill caves. And as I was traipsing through the caves, one of my bridesmaids fell off a cliff inside the Goodwill caves. So then I not only had to get a dress, I also had to find a new bridesmaid.

Another time I dreamed that a bear ate my wedding dress. That was all.

A few days ago I dreamed that one of my bridesmaids was wearing my dress, and I was wearing her bridesmaids dress. We were getting some pictures taken, and as soon as those pictures were done we were going to switch dresses. She was also wearing the bra that I was supposed to be wearing with my dress, and I noticed that the bra was sticking up over the top of the dress. So I freaked out. The photographer suggested that we glue the dress to my bridesmaid so that the bra wouldn't show. My only objection was that I ultimately needed to be wearing the dress, and I didn't want it to be stuck to my bridesmaid.

In another dress dream, my wedding dress was brown. My sister/maid of honor had a white dress, but she wouldn't switch with me. And the rest of the bridesmaids looked like Princess Jasmine.

I've also had several dreams in which my wedding is like a performance with evening and matinee showings.

I wonder if these will stop in 12 days...

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