Friday, June 4, 2010

Ghosts, Helicopters, and Nudity

Last night's dream began with me holding a cup of water. Some of my friends were with me, and they said, "That glass of water is haunted." I thought they were being ridiculous, but I humored them and looked closely at my water. Suddenly I heard ghost-like moaning and noticed the silhouette of a person's face on the side of my glass of water. And then I was a believer.

I woke up at this point and thought, "Wow, scary dream" and then fell back asleep. (And no, I wasn't being sarcastic. In my half-awake stupor, I was actually scared by my haunted glass of water.)

The second dream started with me taking a choir final exam. I was wearing tanning goggles, and I couldn't focus; my mind kept wandering and it was hard to see. Everyone else was done, but I still couldn't remember which way the entire choir was supposed to shift when we sang a certain note. And then my aunt showed up and took me on a helicopter ride. It was an open helicopter, so when she took a sharp turn over open water, I almost fell out. Thankfully, though, I was holding a support bar with one hand and a tiny dog with the other, so I was able to stay in the air. But then I had to go back to my choir final. I was trying to finish it, but then one of my English professors came in and told me that she wanted to condition my hair. So, naturally, I took off all of my clothes. I sat in the hair-conditioning chair and suddenly realized I didn't need to be naked for her to condition my hair. So I said, "Oh, I guess I shouldn't be naked, huh?" and she said, "What? You're naked?" So then I put some clothes on and told her about how I always dream about being naked. And then my aunt showed up again and suddenly she was my choir teacher. She was collecting the exams, but I still hadn't finished. I couldn't focus with the stupid tanning goggles on. She told me that was ok, as long as I finished the test before my English professor graded all of her Shakespeare exams.

And then my mom called and woke me up.


  1. You got naked for Cami Agan, didn't you? For shame, Chelsey.

  2. No names on this blog Bailey Thomas.
    ...but yes.