Saturday, June 19, 2010

On my Wedding Eve Eve

I dreamed that Dan was already married, and he had just started dating another girl. The new girl was a better dancer than I was, and Dan was sorry that he was hurting me, but he said that he just couldn't help it.

And then I was taking a baby to a changing table to change her diaper. The baby told me that Dan's friend Matt had told her to tell me to bring him back a spoon. I was offended and thought that Matt thought I was stupid. Why wouldn't I get a spoon while I was changing a baby? So I got to the changing table and there was a goldfish bowl with a dead goldfish in it. And I thought, "I can't change her here! I need a living fish!"

After I changed the baby I went to a party with Ellen DeGeneres, and the baby started throwing up. I wasn't sure what to do, but everyone assured me that it would all be ok if I just held the baby upside down and let her puke. Before the dream ended, I realized that she was throwing up pieces of newspaper.

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