Friday, April 2, 2010

Recurring Themes

The closest thing I've ever had to a recurring dream, I had when I was about 10. I only had the dream twice, and even then it had some differences, so I'm not really sure it counts. The first time I had this dream, I was riding my bike down the street, and I was kidnapped and kept in someone's garage. The second time I had this dream, I was rollerblading down the street, and I was kidnapped and kept in someone's garage. It wasn't a particularly exciting dream either time. I always got away at the very end.

What I have just recently realized that I have are recurring themes in my dreams, the most prominent of which being nudity or partial nudity. One partially nude dream that I have quite often is what I like to call the "a-little-too-public toilet dream."

Sometimes the toilet is in the middle of a classroom. It's the only toilet there, I'm sitting on it, and a professor is in the middle of teaching. No one notices that I'm on a toilet with my pants down, but I know that as soon as I stand up, they will. I'm tired of sitting on the toilet, though, and I really want to stand up. Dilemma.

Sometimes the toilet is one of many in a unisex public bathroom with no stalls. I'm peeing next to a pregnant woman in a bikini who keeps talking about how she wants to drive with me Greece, in my car that has just morphed into a sheep that vomits streamers. There are many dilemmas in this dream, and surprisingly the fact that I'm peeing in public is not one of them.

Stay tuned for my next entry, where I plan to delve into my "where'd my pants go" dreams.


  1. dear chelsey, i love you, but your ever changing fonts seriously stress me out. let's see what we can do about this, eh?

  2. But I have to have a dream font and a regular font! I can't do the wavy edges of the screen to indicate dreams.