Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A.D.D. Dream

Ok, so I lied in my last post. I will not be discussing the "where are my pants" dreams just yet. Instead I wanted to tell you all about a recent dream that all but overwhelms me. So much happened in one night, I don't even know how to handle it.

I cut a guy's dreadlocks off so that I could give one to everyone in the world for hope. Everyone in the world was going to get a dreadlock from one guy. That's crazy.

And then the dream changed, and I was telling someone about the previous dream. It's possible that I woke up briefly, thought, "I should remember this" and my subconscious strove to do just that by having a second dream about the same thing.

And then the dream changed again, and I was watching Jane Austen's life. In my dream she had been married, and her husband died. His ghost would visit every now and then, so they were able to stay together. But then another ghost came into the picture, and Jane Austen had an affair with him. Her husband didn't mind that so much, but then she decided to paint the house that they had lived in, and that made him mad so he never visited her again.

And then the dream changed and I was telling someone about the Jane Austen dream.

And then the dream changed again, and my sister was going to be on a beach volleyball game show with Arnold Schwarzenegger. I don't remember much about this, but I do remember making jokes about hairballs. I have no idea what that has to do with anything.

And then the dream changed again, and I was telling my sister about the game show. And I remember telling her that she could sleep at my apartment if hers was too cold or something. Apparently my dream self didn't know we live in different states.

And then the dream changed for a final time and my fiance and I were playing some sort of hide-and-seek game where he was Darth Vader and I was the Phantom of the Opera.

I woke up exhausted and decided never again to write a paper for my Jane Austen class right before bed.

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