Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Dog Dream

My mom and I were standing in our living room and talking about going to Petsmart to get stuff for our dogs. Neither of us had time to go, so we turned to our little dachshund/chihuahua Trixie and said, "Ok Trix, why don't we just give you the car keys and the credit card and you go buy yourself something nice."

So she left with the car, and after a while she came back with nothing. And I said, "Trixie, you had the credit card! Why in the world didn't you buy anything!"

And then my mom and I realized we were being ridiculous. "She's a dog" we said. "She can't carry stuff in by herself!" (Not "she can't drive" or "she can't use a credit card" but "she can't carry stuff in"). So we went out to the car and, sure enough, the backseat was full to the brim with dog food, treats, and toys.

I later had a dream in which Trixie was smoking and dancing to Billy Joel music.

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